Brightstar’s portfolio gives you a value-add set of options for every stage of a mobile device’s lifecycle. Choose one or combine them all for an experience that delights customers and establishes your value proposition in the market for competitive advantage. Everything works together, making it simple for you and your customers to benefit from perfectly connected services.

The world’s leading mobile carriers outsource to Brightstar

Intelligent supply chains

Turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage. Our integrated IT platform gives you the intelligence you need to manage all aspects of the device lifecycle and monitor your KPIs in real-time.

Brightstar Supply Chain is made up of six core components. Choose one or combine all of them to suit the needs of your business.

Bright Device

Respond to market changes more quickly by using our proprietary process to unlock collaboration and speed up decision-making.

Bright Channel

Manage sell-in with our store-staff training, brand positioning and store layout services, and combine with our incentive, rebate management and credit collections.

Bright Analytics

Get reporting and analysis tools to actively manage pricing, promotions and placement to your support sales, acquisition and retention.

Bright Supply Chain

Increase efficiency with master data management, retail inventory and forecasting, demand planning, production scheduling, and much more.

Bright Sourcing

Use our global scale and extensive relationships with manufacturers to get the best prices and terms when buying devices and accessories.

Bright Reverse

Let us help you to make the most of a device’s value at the point of repair, refurbishment and resale – so you never “leave money on the table”.


Cloud-based modular platform powered by intelligent technology and analytics that enables a customer-centric supply chain.

Fast-track flexible finance

Stay ahead of market trends and keep your devices affordable while you grow your business. Our financial solutions help you offer more choices to your customers giving them access to the latest devices and lower cost of ownership. With Brightstar Finance you can be first to market with innovative new sales propositions with no additional cost or exposure.

Brightstar Finance products can be combined with other Brightstar products to form seamless and unique customer experiences. 

Bright Rent

Take the simple approach: we fund the devices, your customers use them, and we simply take them back at the end of the lease.

Bright Future

The latest wireless devices for no money down and a low-monthly fee. Simple, predictable and cutting edge.


Full end-to-end Rental Management Suite to provide the operational leverage you need to make the most out of Bright Rent.


Each Bright Future program is unique, as every one of our clients has unique needs. RenewIT provides the sophistication and flexibility to operationally enable each one of those programs.

Keeping devices protected

Reduce churn and unlock a steady revenue stream with our flexible device protection programs, backed by around-the-clock customer support.

Bright Protect

Keep customers connected, protected and satisfied with complete coverage tailored to your business. Choose among prepaid, postpaid or advance pay. Available for all devices and via all channels.

Bright Care

Cover the basics and generate further value by providing extended warranty and accidental damage coverage.

Bright Warranty

Extend customer loyalty and satisfaction with protection against electrical and mechanical failure past the manufacturer’s warranty.

Bright Support

Let us handle your subscribers’ questions and issues via phone, chat, social or email. We’ll save the day and your reputation.


Sophisticated, scalable, and simple to implement, Brightstar’s HaloIT streamlines enrolment and fulfilment processes by integrating all partners and aspects of your program.


ReportIT delivers an intuitive dashboard and flexible user-driven, on-demand reporting to maximize your device protection program performance.

Creating value in remarketing

Customer service comes full circle, so make sure yours is as good in reverse as it is going forwards. We’ll help you make the most of a device’s value throughout its lifecycle, buying back your inventory and fixing any broken devices along the way. 

Brightstar BuyBack and Trade-in is made up of five core components. Choose one or combine all of them to suit the needs of your business.

Bright Buy Back

Give your customers access to the latest technology by buying back their used devices through our global re-marketing network, including our own auction house and insurance service.

Bright Trade In

Let our global logistics network handle all the complexities of the Trade In process for you, leaving you free to run your business.

Bright Graded Devices

Meticulous and precise—our comprehensive grading process utilises both human and artificial intelligence, ensuring each device undergoes the most rigorous tests and thorough inspection. From sourcing to assessing cosmetics and functionality to data wiping to categorising, we do it all for one reason—to ensure the phones we resell are of the highest, most in-demand quality.


The proprietary platform for smoother, faster, less expensive returns across all channels.


The proprietary platform to make the best use of your supply chain’s resources and capabilities.


The proprietary platform to make sure your customers get the highest quality “as new” devices, most cost effectively.

Be known for the best accessories.

Accessories to innovation

Accessory sales are rising every year, but it’s an ultra-competitive market out there. That’s why we do much more than just ship premium products to your stores. We get innovative and exciting products to the right customers, at the right time.