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Monster has been leading the way with innovation in Headphones, Speakers, HDMI Cables, and Power Solutions for nearly four decades. Head Monster Noel Lee, an entrepreneurial icon in the audio and music industries, has worked with some of the world’s finest musicians and professionals. He started Monster Cable & Monster Power 37 years ago in a San Francisco garage. 567 patents later, Noel has made milestones in design, comfort, and performance with successes like Beats by Dr. Dre. Monster has now moved beyond the status quo, trailblazing with even higher-performance headphones and speakers starring Pure Monster Sound®, which Noel personally designs and tunes himself. Why? Creativity, Innovation, and Because the Music Matters.

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The CLARITY DESIGNER SERIES delivers clear, rich sound with powerful speakers and advanced digital audio processing to enhance your listening experience. Ultra-soft cushions and pivoting ear cups align comfortably to your ears and the headband naturally contours to your head. Cutting-edge swipe and touch controls for play/pause, tracking, and volume, and answering calls without buttons. With an extended battery life you can listen to music day and night.

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Standard earbuds offer lackluster sound with uncomfortable hard plastic construction. Trash those generic models and step up to Monster’s thoughtfully designed, incredible-sounding ClarityHD™ high-performance earbuds for an affordable, exceptionally comfortable and sonically superior high-definition audio experience. You deserve this.

The core foundation for Monster® iSport® headphones are tough and durable, sweat or water resistant, does not fall out, comfortable, lightweight and most importantly the unrivalled Pure Monster Sound®. With the Monster® iSport® series offering pure audio adrenaline, you can train like a Monster.

HotShot™, the most compact of Monster’s SuperStar™ line of wireless speakers, is the perfect tagalong for any adventure. Small enough to clip to a backpack, jacket or belt loop, the HotShot™ packs a sizeable punch with surprisingly loud Pure Monster Sound®. You and your friends can take the music anywhere: the park, beach, hiking, cycling, or just chilling. Virtually no limits. It’s rugged, tough and easy to use.

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There’s a party in your pool, and SuperStar® BackFloat™ is throwing it. Sing along in the shower or tub or float this powerful speaker in the Jacuzzi. Bring it to the campsite or to the beach. BackFloat™ is engineered to keep pumping out high-performance Pure Monster Sound® no matter how wet things get.

Rugged design for active lifestyles.

The BackFloat™ rugged Bluetooth speaker has an incredibly tough silicon casing that not only seals water out, but is completely shockproof. An acoustically transparent carrying case lets you hang it, wear it, or simply protect it, while playing it. This little floating speaker is the perfect mate for all your adventures, and is ready for anything you throw at it.

100% Pure Monster Sound®

Getting powerful, precise sound outdoors is a challenge for most wireless outdoor speakers. BackFloat™ portable speakers are extremely potent, packing a punch at very high volume levels without distortion, even as they float around the pool or tub. That’s the legacy of Pure Monster Sound®, 36 years in the making.

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A sleek, light, weatherproof Bluetooth speaker with a long lasting battery and high intensity built in flashlight makes this a great speaker for camping and other outdoor activities.

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The Boombox is the sound of the streets... the portable sound of the urban lifestyle that shaped the face of hip-hop as we know it. Meet Blaster™, the Boombox reimagined by the pros at Monster. With Blaster™, we pay tribute to the Boombox with a modern design and advanced wireless technology.


Direct and Reflected Sound – The Blaster™ features a V-shaped angled cabinet design with drivers on both sides for sound that comes toward you and bounces off the wall.


Integrated downward firing powered subwoofer for real authoritative bass response. Plus 2 Passive radiators for additional bass reinforcement.

Indoor and outdoor EQ profiles.

The system has voicing profiles for either indoor or outdoor use to optimize the sound in any environment, with enhanced bass for open outdoor environments.

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