This Harman Kardon warranty is only redeemable for units distributed by Brightstar Distribution Sdn. Bhd. Units purchased from other dealer or distributor will not be served. It is consumer responsibility to return to its respective dealer or distributor.

This warranty does not include transport, delivery and handling charge incurred in the transportation of the equipment / accessory / part to from the customer’s premises or designated place.

Unauthorized repair will void the warranty and is done at the risk of the consumer.


Please provide your Brightstar Service Card and Proof of Purchase (invoice) during your warranty claims. As without it, Brightstar reserve the rights to reject any warranty claims.


  • Harman Kardon warrants 1 year for the unit including power adapter.
  • Except as specified below, the Harman Kardon warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship.
  • The following are not covered:
    1. Damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, product modification or neglect;
    2. Damage occurring during shipment;
    3. Damage from failure to follow instructions contained in the instruction manual;
    4. Damage resulting from the performance of repairs by someone not authorized by Harman Kardon;
    5. Damage caused by installation of parts that do not conform to Harman Kardon specifications;
    6. Units used for other than home use;
    7. Units not used for their intended purpose;
    8. Any claims based on misrepresentations by the seller;
    9. Products sold on an “as is” or final-sale basis; or the cost of installing, removing or reinstalling the unit.

Harman Kardon’s liability is limited to the repair or replacement, at our option, of any defective product and shall not include incidental or consequential damages. Harman Kardon reserves the right to replace a discontinued model with a comparable model. Any replacement units or parts may be new or rebuilt.